Our story is also yours

At the beginning it was an almond. A small fruit, shiny and immaculate as a pearl. A symbol of Sicilian flavour, in a perfect balance between sweetness and crunchiness. The Sicilian patisserie Tomarchio is born at the end of the 50s, but at that time it was just a company processing only dried fruit. Then flour arrived and the kneading hands of the first confectioners, fresh eggs. Children, grandchildren, cousins all ready to taste. Lips dirty of chocolate, pistachio smiles. And finally the mythical Tortina (Little Cake). Of the first in Italy in the 60s.

Since then, Tomarchio has gone through a long way. And time has passed. Children have grown up, labs have become bigger. The sweet tradition and the secrets of the Sicilian patisserie have been transmitted from one generation to another. “It’s always the same, as good as always” – families that for years have been buying our cake proudly tell us. But this is not true. It has been improved, it has become tastier and tastier, healthier, fresher. We work every day, and hard, to make it true. So that everything is better, without changing. This concerns the cake and all our products. Our Sicilian patisserie makes today biscuits, almond pasties, nougat pasties and delicious sweets.

Some of our old machines, real works of art, are still working. Others, replaced by safer and modern systems, are exhibited in our sale points as museum works. We know how our past is important, we love our present, but we always look at the future. Though we’ve grown up now, we keep on caring of this almond that we process as if it was a diamond.

The passionate story of our family coincides with that of thousands Sicilian families. We grew up together. Thus, for more than half a century, when one of our Tortinas is brought to your table, you’ve been tasting memories and feelings.