We use only first-rate ingredients


We personally collect them from trustworthy farmers and we store them in controlled humidity environment systems. The whole fruit is cold processed so that essential oils are not lost and organoleptic properties are long-term kept. Our pistachio is really from Bronte. Everything is Sicilian!


Only fresh pasteurized eggs. Not powdered ones, as in many industrial processes. Our eggs go through many crossed controls and are processed according to hygiene, sanitisation and safety.


We only use excellent certified flour, which is always good and checked. We care a lot about wheats, even the refined ones. In our whole cakes, there’s really 100% whole wheat. We don’t use blends, we don’t love percentages.


Be careful when you find this “ingredient” in labels. It often hides chemical elements and preservatives. In Tomarchio products, aromas are natural. This means they come from fields, not from labs. Feel the difference!


We personally collect many of our products from trustworthy farmers. We speak about 100% Sicilian products, or at least Italian. Territoriality is fundamental because policies on farming and collecting of international products are often different. We rely on quality, short chain and territoriality.


Our products go through quality and safety crossed controls. We have the latest technology to analyse every product and expert eyes and hands of specialists who have been keeping our quality standard excellent for years. You can always be sure: a Tomarchio sweet is good and healthy.


We process ingredients with the maximum care. For instance, dried fruit is brought to factory intact and not grinded. We cold process it, without overheating products, so as to preserve essential oils and organoleptic characteristics. We care a lot about hygiene. Every tool is daily sanitised.

Everyone speaks about quality. We make things!

Size matters

Our small labels have big characters because we’re proud of our ingredients. Not many, very good and quality ingredients. We don’t need more to exalt our flavours because raw materials are excellent. Taste it: check our labels and count the ingredients. You’ll find what you also would use.

Keep time

Our Tortinas have a short expiring date, as well as our patisserie products. Because we don’t add preservatives, but we use fresh and good products. We guarantee a soft and healthy product, which is not eternal though! Would serve your children a cake you made months ago?

The safety standard recognized in Europe and in the rest of the world that certifies the quality and safety of our company at all levels of production.

The passionate story of our family coincides with that of thousands Sicilian families. We grew up together. Thus, for more than half a century, when one of our Tortinas is brought to your table, you’ve been tasting memories and feelings.