Sugar-free Frollini


For those who want to watch their figure without giving up on the pleasure of enjoying a good biscuit. The sugar-free frollini biscuits are produced with extra virgin olive oil, which gives the product a strong character.

Format: 300gr.

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Sugar-free biscuit mix (Type ’00’ wheat flour, sweeteners: maltitol (E 965i), xylitol (E 967i); butter powder, raising agents: E 450i (disodium diphosphate), E 500ii (sodium bicarbonate); skimmed milk powder, natural yeast powder from type ‘0’ soft wheat flour, flavourings, Presal® -“protected” iodized salt), extra virgin olive oil (12%), fresh pasteurised eggs, natural flavourings.

May contain traces of nuts, soya


Minimum storage term: 150 days
All our products are made with fresh and selected ingredients without the use of preservatives. This is why their duration does not last long over time, an indication of genuineness and quality.


You can find Tomarchio delicacies both in large-scale distribution and in small shops. But only and exclusively in the latter can you buy the maxi family pack containing 30 “tortina”. This is our way of supporting all sectors of local commerce.

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The safety standard recognised in Europe and the rest of the world certifies the quality and safety of our company at all production stages.