Organic Honey

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Organic Sicilian honey: genuine, wholesome, aromatic, natural, 100% Sicilian, naturally prepared.

Queen bees fly through the pure air of our land and according to the time of year they are transferred to places where the climate is always favourable. Places like the Madonie Mountains in Sicily.

And our Organic Sicilian honey is great in every respect: It is the result of an important educational and rehabilitation project, which involves young people with special needs as well as those from local penitentiary institutions in the production process. With the preparation of this product we support the Pope John XXIII Association.


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You can find Tomarchio delicacies both in large-scale distribution and in small shops. But only and exclusively in the latter can you buy the maxi family pack containing 30 “tortina”. This is our way of supporting all sectors of local commerce.

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The safety standard recognised in Europe and the rest of the world certifies the quality and safety of our company at all production stages.