The taste of simplicity

Mythical, timeless. As good as a homemade dessert. Tortina Tomarchio is the greatest expression of Sicilian breakfast and snack. Home flavour, to all tradition lovers. But even the delicacy of new and surprising versions. As the Tortina Golosa, made with pure cocoa and cane sugar or the Tortina Mediterranea, which is very soft and rustic thanks to olive oil. Unmissable then is the Tortina integrale, the only snack made with 100% whole wheat.

Original recipe

What made many generations fall in love.
A family-tasting flavour.

A few but good

Made with a few quality ingredients. Without preservatives and colourants. Good and healthy as you would make it!

Freshly baked

Packaged within 48 hours after preparation Always soft and fragrant, as just taken out of overn.


A flavour that may evoke memories. A cake that reminds of family, of happy moments and good things. The mythical Tortina Tomarchio: made as once was, with a few ingredients, no GMO, colorants, nor preservatives. Perfect to be dunked or stuffed.

(Whole wheat cake)

A rustic flavour, as a homemade cake. And this small big genuine sweet is also healthy. Tortina Integrale Tomarchio is made with 100% whole wheat flavour, cane sugar and EVO oil.


Home flavours into a small cake. Discover the Mediterranea cake and fall in love with its dough, as soft as a cloud, which will conquer you at the first mouthful. Thanks to EVO oil softness is guaranteed. Delicious and healthy.


The newcomer in Tomarchio is the most delicious. Made with pure cocoa and cane sugar, it is a small pleasure to all ages. Have it without feeling guilty: it is healthy because it is made without palm oil and a few ingredients.

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