“Smells of Sicily” Christmas pack


The Christmas pack “Smells of Sicily” contains a delicious panettone glazed with 650 grams of soft and fluffy dough and crispy and greedy cover. Inside there are no candies or raisins, so as to leave room for the different explosions of flavor that can be combined, creating interesting contrasts and taste experiences always new at every bite.
Inside the beautiful gift box are in fact 4 jars of extra jams to the tastes of white figs, wild blackberries, bitter oranges and fish thighs. Four refined and emblematic flavors that allow, with a single panettone, to have 4 different desserts.

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Panettone Frosted without candies and raisins with 4 jars of extra jam – white figs, wild blackberries, bitter oranges, thigh pears.

INGREDIENTS: wheat flour, butter, candied orange peel (orange peel, glucose, fructose, sugar), raisins, egg yolk, sugar, yeast, emulsifier E471, salt, skimmed milk powder, dextrose, flavourings. Glazing (composed of: peeled almonds, sugar in grains, rice flour, apricot seeds, modified starch, egg white, flavourings).

The highlighted ingredients can cause reactions in allergic or intolerant people.

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