In our factory we use brain and heart. There are the machines, which guarantee hygiene and safety, but there are also our trustworthy confectioners who manually knead, check and taste. Texture and flavour are their credits, credits of their techniques and not of the final products! Our laboratory of flavours combines grandma’s cooking and a spaceship. This is why many schools come and visit us. We don’t have anything to hide, but everything to show.


Some of our lab machines have been working since the very first cake. They have been endowed with the latest technology which guarantee better performances and safety, but they have a traditional soul that makes the difference. They are not easily findable. This is why the Italian patisseries that have the chance to own them store them as a treasure.

Looking for perfection

Do you know that every cake weight is checked every five minutes? All our products – from biscuits to almond pastries – go through a great number of continuous controls during production. Both visual controls, made by production experts, and mechanical, thanks to some systems intelligence.

Mastery and tradition

Machines are combined with the skills of our maitres patissiers and specialized workers. All ingredients, excellent and certified, are manually weighed, visually checked. We trust machines but we give value to people’s work.

Hygiene and sanitisation

Neatness and safety are the main prerogatives of our production. We’re extremely precise and strict. This is why we always check temperature, we use single-use containers and a daily sanitisation on all our tools (this is not always taken for granted!).


Production manager

“I’m extremely proud of what we do in our labs. We have very high standards and a really passionate team who share the same ethics, the same values, the same maniac attention to products”.