The calendar of flavours and aromas

There’s nothing better than a delicacy that reunites all your family and friends around a table. Sicilians know it well, this is why in Sicilian tradition there are dessert to every holiday. Every event has its flavour: from biscuits for the Day of the Dead to marzipan lambs at Easter. And we cannot forget the classical Panettone and the eternal Colomba. Tastes of the past, according to tradition, punctual every year. Our calendar is marked by aromas, our time is measured in flavours.

A great technique

How can we make our dough so soft and frost so crunchy? We owe everything to our maitres patissiers. We use technique, not industrial amelioratives.

Holiday flavour

Time or place do not matter. Our holiday desserts may take you back to the joyful moments of your childhood. You just need a mouthful to recreate the atmosphere.

Right on time

Panettone and Colomba rise slowly. They need their time. They come to tables once a year, so they must be well introduced.


In the Reign of the two Sicilies a copper coin was minted and it more precious than gold. This delicious cocoa chocolate-covered biscuit is inspired by that treasure which is an authentic heritage of Sicilian patisserie.


One of the most loved biscuits during the Day of the Dead. Once made in the Monastery of Vincentian Sisters, today, in November, you may find them everywhere in Catania. When autumn comes, so arrives “Vincinzuddu”, a mysterious character who inspired this dessert.


Small marzipan delicacies: a joy to be seen and tasted. A small work of art you may use as a gift. A symbol of traditional Sicilian holidays.


Typical Easter dessert, slowly risen and carefully prepared by Tomarchio maitres patissier. Soft and tasty.


Homemade panettone, as it was once made by maitres patissiers. Classical, chocolate or in other versions.

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